Greenpeace activists hanging off Sydney Harbour Bridge protesting climate change


May 14, 2019 09:30:28

NSW police have arrested 10 people after removing three Greenpeace climate change protesters hanging off the Sydney Harbour Bridge this morning.

Three members of the environmental group used cables to suspend themselves below the bridge about 5:30am.

NSW Police said a “number of people” on the bridge as part of the protest this morning were detained by security personnel, but three were able to climb it.

The three unfurled banners on climate change.

The ABC understands the protesters were unable to unveil a bigger banner planned for the protest after security personnel stopped the other activists on the bridge this morning.

The protest continued until about 9:00am when police removed the last of the three from the bridge, lowering them to a police boat waiting underneath.

Traffic on the bridge was flowing and all lanes remained open during the protest.

Police were at the scene directly above the three protestors.

Greenpeace said the three were “specialist trained climbers” and were joined by protestors on the ground nearby.

“Rural and regional Australian families have borne the brunt of climate impacts so far in this country,” Greenpeace Australia Pacific chief executive David Ritter said.

“Burning coal is the number one cause of climate change in Australia — we’re here to say ‘no more’.”

Greenpeace conducted a similar protest marking the signing of the Kyoto protocol in 1997.







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