We went to an art installation that forces you to cry in order to feel empathy — here’s what happened

London’s Tate Modern has opened a new installation that is supposed to evoke “forced empathy.”

The installation has a “crying room” which emits an extremely strong vapour into the air that causes anyone inside to weep.

Creator and artist Tania Bruguera told INSIDER: “You have a little contradiction between feeling clean inside, feeling healthy and at the same time you’re crying. And I want people to see each other cry, like what will trigger seeing somebody else crying or feeling yourself crying for no reason? Would it make you feel better if you feel for others?”

The installation also has a thermochromic floor that reacts and changes to body heat. The floor is meant to encourage teamwork, as it has a large, hidden image of a Syrian refuge that can only be revealed if participants collectively use their body heat to reveal the image.

We tried both parts of the installation, watch the video to see how they affected us.

Produced by David Ibekwe.

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